Addiction Therapy

Sometimes in life, a person may find themselves needing therapy for the treatment of an addiction. Addiction can be in the form of substance dependence, pornography and/or gambling. Recovery is not only for the individual but also for the family. Recovery is possible.

When addiction is evident, the theme is often “don’t feel, don’t talk, don’t trust”. In recovery, the family can learn to communicate and support one another in a way that enhances their relationship with themselves, family and loved ones.

Therapy Services

Couples Therapy

At times in the development of our relationships with our partner, we can find ourselves running into obstacles that challenge our relationships.

Chronic Illness

A chronic illness condition often impacts a person’s life with challenges and can create an imbalance in a person’s life.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a space to work through life adjustments and create space for change in your life.

Family Therapy

When challenges arise, family therapists provide a safe space to explore the differences and build new connections.

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